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Professional Product Management Outsourcing:
We help companies to find new markets and customers, grow product metrics and profits in numbers
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Making new product successful
is extreme challenge for most companies
Expert product managers are hard to find
It takes a lot of (precious!) time
Usually it takes 2 to 3 months for searching and testing candidates, 4 to 6 months for newcomer onboarding, training, getting to know company business and establish relationship with team.

Overall, first 6 to 9 months of new product manager work is actually company investment without any significant boosts in products metrics, which can result in product falling behind the market.
Hard to grow product manager internally
It takes a year and a half for new product manager to bring first results, while significant ones require up to 3 years. Your competitors won't be waiting patiently while you train and develop your team
Random epiphanies bring random resuts
When producing new business ideas in ad-hoc and brainstorm manner, with no proper hypotheses factory, teams can't deliver solid business results behind some random and rare successes which makes product development unpredictable and unmanageble
Half-time product management is mere illusion
Employees performing multiple business functions at the same time bring little to no results. While two-seaters are occupied with their core functions, company wastes opportunities.
We do proper product management job
We are not consulting – we actually take product manager place and use our expertise to manage product to bring valuable results
Provide hands-on experts
We bring in as much product managers at it is necessary for the business task. Starting from 1 month projects and beyond
Improve processes
We will introduce product management processes that are crucial for product success
Test business ideas in smart & lean way
We have experts in marketing, design, sales, operations, analytics and development. This enables us to test 2 to 4 independent business ideas simultaneously, minimizing risks of launching product without market fit
Why it's good idea to hire us?
We already found each other
You won't waste your time looking and selecting people. We can start project in 1 week
Team storming behind
We went through team forming process successfully and have all necessary processes and tools in place: scrum cycles, knowledge base, communication
Quality business ideas
3 professional product managers generate more powerful and disruptive ideas than only one. With cross-review we deliver better business results with less wasted resources
We provide growth in numbers
If you are looking for extensive growth in short time, we will focus on your goal and bring even more resources, if it's essential. We can provide ROI
What we do
Every person in the team has
2 core competencies and 3 to 4 additional
Risk Management
We'll mitigate risks involving people, finances and expertise with vast set of internal skills of the team
We can help make decisions on platforms, tools and approaches, inform you on good and bad sides of them.
We can found a bottleneck, develop a unit-economy calculator, and develop a business model.
We build sales pipeline process and help find proper sales team. Develop sales kit and sales management training
Data Analysis
We use data-driven approach – introduce and calulate metrics, develop data models of your business to find opportunities for growth
We'll discover customers, identify their needs and pain points, estimate market size and find affordable customer acquisition channels
Introduce scalable process to test new business ideas and bring successful ones to market really fast. We'll provide guidance on how to keep solid growth pace
We can build Customer Journey Map, design effective User Onboarding, give advice on UX/UI improvements, build interactive prototype
Talent Hiring
We can interview prospective product team candidates: developers, designers and analysts as well as product managers. We help team to think and act with product-oriented thinking
Happy customer cases
Used cars auction
We introduced mobile version, collected and analyzed usage data and gained insights on user behavior. Based on that we tuned the app to +38% users, +50% sessions. App dramatically reached +300% users with more than 50 sessions
Realty management service in Philippines
Snap Pad
In just 3 months we launched MVP for service to manage realty: starting with initial requirements up to signing off first round of condominiums and sales. Designed product metrics hierarchy, trained product team proper tools to manage product evolution
Competitors analysis system
Digicel PNG
Defined vision and launched product to crowdsource competitive intelligence research for largest mobile operator in Papua New Guinea. Automated remote workers management process for 500 agents
Our customers
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